Inspirit the silent machines – Interview with kinetic artist Stefan Radu Cretu

I remember it was 2018 when I arrived at a group exhibition, including your art works, in the middle of the night, close to 00 hours. You were on the way to close but you were very hospitable, you opened the workshop and patiently explained to me about your concepts & works.

For all of you who wonder what the…..I was visiting at that hour, well in Romania it’s a very cool project called White Nights of Arts when you can visit different exhibitions in your city, by night. Maybe other European cities have this event but that that was in Sibiu.

We have been connected ever since.
I followed your activity and I wondered many times what you “bake”, what crazy ideas you bring in your things. But let’s take it step by step

Who are you and what do you think is your mission here on Earth?

I believe I’m just a human and I live like everybody else but I believe I’m a bit freer than the majority. I hope I have a purpose in art, otherwise, I will keep it just for myself.

What materials do you mostly use in your works?

I don’t like to work too much with the same material, that’s why I combine them in different proportions. It’s important to reach the best properties for the expression and resistance for technical parts, maybe this is my only issue in choosing materials. I have not many limits when I talk about materials, from natural ones to artificial ones…I like to do experiments.

Tell me three words that define your creative world?

Whimsical, kinetic, metaphysical

Why so and not otherwise?

Otherwise I can’t, probably I’m too stubborn and this is my only way. Perhaps if I had a second chance I would choose the same, but probably more ambitious.

Do you have a mentor? If so, who is this person?

I choose myself as a mentor because I understand myself better than I can understand another person. But I’m inspired by natural life and the evolution of life on earth and all new things that we understand about the universe. I have artists that I admire, like Jean Tinguely, Richard Serra, Theo Jansen, Keith Haring, Dan Perjovschi, and Leonardo da Vinci…and the list can continue…

What inspires you?

Who are you afraid of?

I’m afraid to get bored or to become boring, when I cross unproductive periods I just try to understand that’s part of the circle, and sometimes I force it, checking how much is left. I never get a precise answer, but I know for sure that’s limited time.

What is the most boring thing you’ve ever seen?

I believe the most boring thing is when you have very small talk and you try to escape from that trap. But the most boring thing I remember from my childhood when Ceausescu was reading endless texts saying nothing and I was waiting for the cartoons or “Teleenciclopedia “ to start (back then it was just a unique Tv Chanel)

What keeps you creatively alive?

Creativity is a good balance, once you become unruly, that may affect the balance. I have few activities that bring me a lot of fun and dopamine, mountain biking it’s one of them and for sure the most important to me. I feel connected with nature through that and I do it with my friends…who are coming from different backgrounds. That’s a good exercise of diversity, having something strong in common, our passion for bikes.

I saw you riding your bike through the wild.

How does this influence your creative flow?

I believe that a good and consistent flow, no matter the discipline implies to spent a lot of time on it, but it’s important to not get stuck in…that’s why you need to have hobbies, family, and friends.

Do you have a habit that you think stimulates your creativity?

I get stimulated when I travel, when I run, when I draw… nonsense lines and when I sleep, but I don’t believe I need a special place, just a special mindset

Tell me more about your work called The Flying Boulder. I was surprised by the idea and it immediately caught my attention. Then I thought for the first time that I would like to have an interview with you for REframe so we can inspire people. You are definitely not a typical mind

What is the intention behind your creations?

Behind creation is always a message, sometimes even I have some doubts because once the work is done, I can see some other possible scenarios or some different perceptions the viewers would have. But most of the time I’m ironic about the subject of my works and I try to show that’s all about humanity when I hang boulders.

I think that some works are very difficult for the general public to understand, so I wonder where do you see/perceive your style in the whole mosaic of global creators?

Indeed I like abstraction, but at the same time I want to give to the viewer a clear message, but not a free one, that’s why there are some gaps for interpretation.

What is Creativity for You?

What is to be Creative?

What is creative thinking for you?

How do you use your creative thinking in your work?

What does it mean for you to think creatively and how you apply it in your studio?

How do you use creative thinking in teaching children?

Was there any time when you had to change your perspective regarding one of your artworks? What have you done differently to find solutions?

I decided to do, for example, Kinetic’s drawings, for people who are pretending that they don’t have space for 3D works…I realized that in 2008. But I believe that was a win because I developed more this technique and now I truly love it.

Tell me about some of your works that you are proud of or let’s say at least satisfied with

I like all my works with stones because that’s a synthetic result of our evolution. From the molecule to the electric motor.

If you could travel in the future, what message would you send to the people of 2040 regarding creativity?

Creativity will be the same as a definition, no matter the year…it’s like hunger!

Where can we find your works?

I published almost everything on Instagram, I have no problem showing my works online, the real work it’s in reality. A picture doesn’t give you the sensation of a live/life object. So virtual you can find my works on Google, YouTube, and Facebook/Instagram …physical body works, just in the exhibition, collection, museums, and my studio.



And one last challenge – question

What can you do with a nest (of birds) and a beer can?
…perhaps I will cut the can to build a cover- shelter for the nest, protecting the chicks from the elements…

Thank you very much Stefan for sharing with us your creative world, perspectives on creativity and your amazing art works!

I wish you lots of Inspiration in all your projects!

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