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REframe experience has been a fulfilling one because I feel that we have worked with our trainers, Vlad and Cristina, since we met and found the needs and expectations of the group I was part of until they did the design training for us and has been implemented. For me, REframe was a fulfilled expectation: what I communicated was heard, what I wanted was listened to, what I hope was implemented. “  (Oana Cristea – pastel Internal Communication – advertising industry)

“I think the advantage you have comparing to other teambuildings I have attended is that I have not seen any punctual conflicts during the workshop and that you have succeeded in identifying each participant’s potential and the resources available they have. You have highlighted them within the team. “

(Dorel Brisc – General Manager Continental Forum Sibiu – HoReCa industry)

“After reading the mail from REframe we felt we had to do this team workshop. Oana had the same feeling after reading it. Today we are on the third day of the workshop and I felt a lot of energy, I discovered new things, and what is most important is that it is confirmed to me that in each of my colleagues there is a creative potential and a ton of ideas, which we have to find, to become aware of and to work to discover them. “

(Dana Nae-Popa – pastel Managing Director  – advertising  industry)

”For me, REframe experience was inspiring in the first place, and secondly it helped me personally but also to the job level, community, in the workgroup I belong to every day. After the workshop, I discovered three areas:
I discovered or confirmed certain needs that I had in the subconscious, but I neglected them because of day-to-day busy activities.
Secondly, I have somehow learned to find out my problems and see how to find my solutions
Thirdly, I discovered that with people around I share things in common that we have not even known before. We often have the same problems, that we can find the same or different solutions. That made me feel closer to my colleagues but also to find myself, somehow the inner silence, to discover myself and to see that there are more solutions than I expect and that problems can be solved in a creative way that seems to you much simpler than you think when you are confronted with the problem in the first place.
The workshop would fit perfectly with those who want to develop themselves personally because they discover methods and all sorts of solutions that will help them overcome certain problems but also for groups who want to get to know each other better, who might experience problems regularly at work or in the community they are part of, and can find through creative methods to solve the problems they are facing.”

(Simona – Head of Pr pastel – advertising industry)

”My experience with REframe was great, I met two absolutely wonderful people. If I could describe in a few words what the REframe meant to me, I could say that this is me before the course (showing a closed cube), a perfect geometric shape, rigorous, with the same faces and yet different, but after I did this workshop I could say that I look like this(an open cube) because I opened a side I could know but still I did not use very much, this side of imagination, the desire to dare and think more than I do every day. So if you feel like you are so, I think REframe will help to be like this.”

(Claudia –Account pastel – advertising industry)

Do you know those days when, after more than eight hours of work, you feel extremely tired, and you are just feeling unable to do something for yourself? Well, it happens to me every day. Imagine now a day when at the end of the program you feel full of energy and you start to wonder what to do first? This was the REframe workshop. I was glad to have a great experience with my colleagues and we played, we rediscovered ourselves, it was great so I recommend to everyone. It was a pause/respiro that we all need in our daily “blender”. Thank you REframe!

(Adina Vasile – Manager – Financial Department – Publishing Industry)

The REframe workshop was outstanding! This is my mood after  I spent a day with super nice, super-smart people. I would recommend to anyone who wants to think differently. Come to participate in this workshop!

(Răzvan  – Business Development  – Publishing Industry)

“I congratulate REframe company for the workshop they organized today for Eurolines Group.

Our team had 3 very interesting and attractive exercises that managed to create a team spirit and especially to generate ideas, some of them with the possibility to be immediately implemented. I think the goal of the meeting was reached very well and we hope to implement some of these ideas that otherwise we would not have been able to create without your very good support. We would like to thank you very much for this effort! – Paul Geană – Business Innovation Manager – Tourism and Transport Industry

Testimonials (Teams):

“I represent the Hello Hotels team, we are 13 persons, we organized this team building in a wonderful, natural place with a lake, greenery and we had some wonderful exercises that confirmed to me that we are really a wonderful team. It was magnificent to use the words of the trainers. I would recommend REframe first because it is a soul exercise in which emotion has earned its deserved place in the team. I’m sure we’re leaving this place much better.”

(Mihaela Staicu – General Manager – HoReCa Industry)

I participated in this workshop as HR Coordinator and I can say it was exciting, interesting, interactive, I recommend it to other teams for team bonding, to better understand each other, and to work at full capacity.

(Diana Barbu – HR coordinator – HoReCa Industry)

The experience was special due to the location and due to the exercises that fit our team.
I would recommend the workshop to establish a team equilibrium, which is very difficult to achieve, and to build and mobilize a team at the beginning of the road. Exercises are suitable for this type of situation. Thank you!

(Sorin Enoiu – Chief receptionist – HoReCa Industry)

REframe Workshop is the most challenging personal and professional development opportunity, being a highly-suited solution to freeing up bottlenecks, (re)discovering solutions to problems and helping to better express goals. It is an extremely versatile and demanding workshop – in the good sense of the word, it can be applied successfully in the development of any personality, regardless of age, studies or the field in which the person works. I highly recommend the workshop and I can say that it is the most creative and unique workshop I have ever participated in. “

(Laura, Visual artist, Editor in chief for Art Out magazine  – Creative Industry)

I am extremely excited to have had the opportunity to meet you and participate in this workshop. It was extremely motivating, leaving me to reflect… The atmosphere was GREAT! The games are very well inspired and I will certainly continue to study the impact they had on me. However, transposing the problem, self-suggestions are by far the most useful tools for anyone! But honestly, leaving these issues aside, the playful games (or at least that was my impression, because I felt like a curious child) were like a glue that filled and joined the pieces with their emotions, just like in a puzzle! Keep Rockin ‘… in short, and I’m sure I will continue REframe in the direction of the …

(Raluca, PR for Art Out magazine  – Creative Industry)

“I liked the most that there were many exercises. I was surprised by the emotional load of the games. The presentation seemed fine to me. I felt comfortable in the presence of others in a relaxed atmosphere that contributed to a new, challenging approach many times. The workshop is intense through powerful exercises of introspection, surprising in that many exercises focus on self-knowledge.

(Andreea, trainer Innbox – Training Industry)

“I liked REframe! I think each of us has to do such a workshop. I would describe the workshop as having novelty. It has to get super promoted “

(Ligia, Chief Editor for Art Out magazine  – Creative Industry)

I really enjoyed the ideas generated, the challenges that made me come out of the comfort zone. The presentation was very enjoyable and made me think about some aspects. I would describe REframe as a helpful life lesson both professional and private. “

(Cristian, Engineer for Marquardt  – Technology Industry)

I liked the different approach, the exercises where we had to compose/create something. The presentation seemed different to a classic / technical training. I would describe REframe as the most effective for more rigid people, with communication difficulties, using creativity. “

(Alexandra, Engineer for Marquardt  – Technology Industry)

Testimonials (Entrepreneurs):

“REframe for me was challenging, exciting and fun. I discovered that I am impatient, distracted and I tend to overthink. But I learned new ways to think creatively, which I love. Creativity is a tool, and I was happy to get some new ones for my own process. Not to mention, that we came up with new ideas for my business that can increase profit and differentiation among the competition. 👍 I have to mention the appreciation for your tolerance, focus, and patience. Your interest in the participant feels deeply genuine.

Thank you again ✨”

(Teodora, Business owner  – LSC Studio&Academy, Beauty Industry, Denmark)

“Some time ago I realised that my life was standing still and it seemed that everybody, but me, was moving forward. I paused a moment for a little review, and then I realized that the only inconvenience is me. Then I decided that the sky is the Limit, no excuses.
For sure, there are things that could keep me where I am, but the REframe experience, was really complex for me, a piece of a “ladder” that takes me to the sky. This process taught me once again that everybody around us has something to teach us, it’s in our mental power to take what’s best for us. I learned once again that, I don’t only have next to me a really great husband, but also the perfect business partner, I learned that I am blessed with great friends and an unlimited mind.”

(Anastasia, General Manager – Prot Net Consult, Management industry, Romania)

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