Ride your melting ice-cream world!

What do you do when your ice-cream world melts?

Do you despair, jump out the window, set fire to the town hall, starve your cat, fight with your neighbors?

All of these are possible options, but none of them solve the problem, and won’t bring you closer to your goal of finding solutions and having a better life.

What you can do instead is riding your melting world. Yes, yes! You read it right!

Of course, it’s a metaphor. A necessary one.

By riding your Ice cream, I mean using new creative ways of thinking, reframing the challenge you face, to find inspiration and solutions.

That kind of thinking to help you in difficult situations.

I am Vlad and I have been doing REframe for the last 7 years, with passion and dedication. I Create the context for people to gain confidence in their practical creativity, to reveal it, to share, to generate real-time solutions for themselves and others in a friendly environment that gives them trust and energy and even more that: a different way of thinking on the long term.

I love facilitating the right context for you to access your creative resources. that is why I have invented so far over 70 techniques and games and I have inspired hundreds of people from several European countries, from children to leaders running multinational companies.

Testimonials (click here or here to read participants experiences)

At the core of my activity is a great love for the creative potential that lies in each of us, that once unleashed it brings happiness, joy, and brighter life.

If you are curious and you want to reveal these resources, to look at things differently, to spend 6 hours playing, to explore ideas and discover your Solutions join us for the next online event!

What makes this workshop unique:

It’s Creative, Meaningful, Joyful, Highly interactive, Emotionally Safe,

Very practical, Non-Judgmental, Tailored to a variety of personality types.

Event info :

When: Saturday, February 27th, 10 AM – 4 PM UTC+01 (Copenhagen)

Location: Online (Zoom)

Available spots: 12

Your investment:  34Euro / 40$ / 250DKK

Payment options:

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