“We’ve printed a Phone”

Can you recognize this line?

I love discovering creative minds who are able to bring new perspectives in an industry that you might think is oversaturated, where you might believe there is no place for innovations.

Well, there is! If you are creative!

Randi Altschul (American)

  • Inventor of the world’s first disposable cell phone, and a range of other electronic, toy and game products.
  • She began inventing in 1985 and by age 26 became a millionaire.
  • She has granted more than 200 licenses of ideas for games and toy


Randi Altschul says the idea of a disposable phone probably came from her background as a toy inventor and also her frustration with a cell phone that lost the signal. She wanted to toss it out her car window. And, she says, that got her thinking. “Basically I wanted to make a phone like a toy and make it inexpensive enough to throw it away,”


  • entire body, touchpad, and circuit board  –  made from recycled paper products
  • 3 credit cards thickness
  • 60 minutes of calling time and a hands-free attachment

The toy designer with no prior experience in electronics developed the phone by surrounding herself with experts who shared her ”conceive-it, believe-it, achieve-it” mindset.

After listening an interview with her I write down these thoughts that appealed to me the most and might inspire you as well:

  • “My great asset is that I don’t know anything”
  • “You can constantly recreate yourself and that’s the fun of it, that’s the learning process”
  • “Constantly reinvent, don’t be afraid to talk with people”
  • “If you believe in it you are the only one who can make it happen”
  • A toy’s lifespan is about an hour, then the kid throws it away. You get it, you play with it and — boom — it’s gone.” 

A short funny video with two guys discovering her disposable cell phone:

Randi’s technology was a milestone in electronic innovation.

Do you know stories with people who were/are pioneers or innovators in their industry, who made things differently? Give a creative shout! I would be grateful to hear about them.

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Article research: Wikipedia, Youtube, ThoughtCo.

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