The Creative Process I always start with

This article is part of the Creative Habits category that aims to map various cool routines, creative processes, tips that can boost our creative thinking or cultivate our innovative minds and improve our personal or professional lives.

I want to share one of the keys of my Creation process that I am still practicing after almost 8 years in REframe.

I will simply call it Defining because it’s the most essential and effective tool I ever used so far.
At least for me, it’s always truly inspiring, leading me to territories I never thought I will go to


Let’s say I want to explore collaboration as a theme, term or word for one of my future trainings.

Well done.

What I will do it’s to sit down, take a piece of paper (preferably big one) and ask myself what that word means for me and start exploring this question from as many perspectives as possible

I will spend minutes, maybe hours trying to deepen its meanings, senses, looking to all possible viewpoints connected to that specific word.

I will write the word in the middle of the paper and draw lines around with possible understandings,
Maybe I will draw in between the lines if I feel inspired. Sometimes I use different colors.
I will watch nature seeking possible connections with my theme. Just observing in silence.

What I wont do it’s opening my internet browser to seek for other perspectives. Not in this phase.

I will focus Only on my OWN perspectives.

This is the basic and most powerful process If I want to explore my creative mind and create thoughts.

If you are fortunate enough, you can do this process with a playmate so you will be able to expand the horizon of your understanding.

If you do so I strongly recommend to take the first step of the process by yourself.

Spending time with your creative mind. That’s the key of the process. To squeeze every bit of your creative network.

To find out what ideas you can come up with and only after to exchange ideas and points of views with your game partner.


  • To look at the word as a word not as a meaning
  • As construction of letters, or small words
  • Looking at the word as a shape
  • As a sound
  • As a feeling
  • As a relation between A & B concepts
  • as a Principle of something, of Someone
  • A key feature
  • A functionality
  • As a source of action
  • As a consequence of someone’s action
  • Source of pleasure/pain
  • Source of harmony/conflict
  • to see it by the context where it appears.
  • How does affect others?
  • How I imagine other people would see it (without checking)
  • To guess the origin of the word
  • To think of all the words that are connected with it (By root, by meaning, by context, by color, shape, etc)
  • Where this word belongs to. Who is its “family”?

Tell me in a comment what do you think about this technique (after you experience it)

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Photo cover article by: Marten Newhall

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