September 2016 @ Continental Forum Sibiu

This fall started with beautiful people, with a REframe workshop that marked 3 years since we started this concept that gave us the opportunity to meet more creative minds, generate crazy ideas,  having revelations, creating a colorful spirit mood which liftet up us all.

This edition was dedicated to Continental Forum Sibiu team,  2 days full of games, discussions, challenges and solutions for situations and goals encountered by them in the hospitality industry.

The event was unfolded in a beautiful scenery at the basement of Carpathian mountains.

The REframe challenges proposed to their team were received with much receptivity and interest. We found them enthusiastic to explore having a great curiosity to to experiment with new tools, techniques that would be useful in their daily tasks.

We met a team that knows how to listen, who seeks to streamline their internal processes, who knows how to laugh while working.

We thank them very much for their trust and the beautiful way  they collaborated with us to make this REframe a learning experience to remember.

Looking forward to see you again with joy and inspiration!

















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Video testimonials:

“I think the advantage you have comparing to other teambuildings I have attended is that I have not seen any punctual conflicts during the workshop and that you have succeeded in identifying each participant’s potential and the resources available they have. You have highlighted them within the team. ”

(Dorel Brisc – General Manager Continental Forum Sibiu – HoReCa industry)

“For me, this training was a unique experience because I expanded my horizons, I learned to approach the problem from different angles, to find multiple solutions, individually and within the team, which I did not necessarily do before. I realized that there are several approaches to a problem. I wholeheartedly recommend this training, REframe to other groups or teams….because it stimulates you both individually and at group level to look at the problem as a whole, from many points of view, to learn to accept others prspectives and to build together an optimal solution by collecting solutions or choosing carefully  solutions received from other team members.” – Felix Fratila – Restaurant Manager – HoReCa industry.

“Hello everybody, I am here to recommend you REframe! It’s an amazing opportunity to see the problems from other point of views and see the solutions, new solutions. It’s also an opportunity to grow like personally and as a team. For me was an amazing experience to be there, to learn new tricks, tips and new solutions for the problems. I hope next year we will do it again with REframe because it was a great experience. Honestly. I will encourage you to be part of this. Thank you!” – (Ramon Peset Pons – Spa Manager –  HoReCa industry)

Team feedback:

I liked the applicability potential of the exercises both at work and in daily life. I would describe REframe as an experience to had to be tried.

Oana, 31 years old, Sales Manager

Most of all I appreciated the interaction with my colleagues. The workshop was interesting and relaxing

Rodica, 56 years old, Chief Accountant

Mostly I appreciated the analysis process after each exercise and the recalibration of perceptions. I would describe REframe as a relaxed context with new things to learn.

Dorel, 44 years old, General Manager

I liked the games and the possibility to be applied in everyday life. I would describe REframe as being extremely useful.

Ramon, 33 years old, Spa Manager

I liked the practical exercises that can be applied both professionally and personally. I see this workshop as something different, interesting

Diana, 39 years old, Event manager

I really liked the creative exercises. I would describe REframe as unique.

Oana, 40 years old, Human Resources

I really appreciated the interaction with colleagues, the fact that we learned new things about each other and found solutions to problems.

Brândușa, 36 years old, Housekeeping Manager

I really liked the exercises, the covered topics, the resources and the ideas from which I started from. If I were to describe REframe to a friend I would say that it is creative, easy to follow by anyone and inspirational

Delia, 25 ani, Sales Assistant

For me REframe was interesting, funny and very helpful. I see this workshop as very, very useful.

Laura, 40 years old, Cake Shop Manager

Most of all I liked the relaxation experienced these 2 days and the approach of discussions and exercises. I would describe this workshop as an experience that gave me confidence and pleasure.

Ionela, 38 years old, Supervisor

I really appreciated how we can look at the problem, the solution and the goals from several perspectives. If I were to talk to a friend about REframe I would say in short: Go for it!

Felix, 34 years old, Restaurant Manager

Takeaways after this experience:

the idea that there are many ways to achieve things

different angles for certain situations

a better knowledge of colleagues

the joy of doing some exercises and what I felt during that process

a better relationship with my colleagues and a better understanding of their daily work

I think I have to develop my creativity, I need to be more introspective and to communicate more what I want

I realized I have self-confidence

the revelation that I need to know myself better

I can be creative

I found solutions

the ways we solve problems and find solutions can vary from person to person

I understand that I need to ask for opinions

I found out that my team will support me

problems are just internal projections with different approaches

the fact that I love to work with my colleagues

perspectives, overview, different angles

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