REframe – Dare to explore your creative thinking!

DARE to explore your creative thinking! It’s time to find ideas and solutions.

JOIN US in our first creative thinking event workshop in Aarhus!

We believe that the power of your practical creativity will make you feel energetically and alive, will bring you a well-being state of mind!

For 7 years we have been passionately designing techniques and games which guided and inspired participants from many ages and industries. With REframe they have accessed their creative thinking, changed their perspectives and find their own practical solutions to their daily challenges.

If you want to:

  • gain confidence in yourself and your own ideas
  • find solutions to your challenges through play
  • create strategies to make your work easier
  • feel good and relax
  • knowing yourself better
  • open your mind and start see things differently
  • discover new facets of your creativity
  • see opportunities where others see bottlenecks
  • discover possible new hobbies

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If you have worries about participating in the workshop we assure you that:

• we want the workshop environment to be relaxed, cheerful where every participant feel confident & comfortable to express without feeling judged.

• you can’t go wrong being creative because we don’t expect standard answers. That’s simply to boring for REframe.

• we value people’s authenticity  – the only way to get in contact with the real self and grow it naturally.

Workshop agenda workstyle:

  • will be dynamic, based 80% on practical creative tools played & validated by positive feedback we got from our participants. Blah-blah’s are not specific for us. There will be only a briefly intro about REframe and daily intention + a review at the end of the event to sum up your learning
  • the techniques you’ll experience will be so accessible that you can continue practicing beyond the event, in your daily or professional life.
  • during the workshop you will have both individual experiences, that will stimulate your imagination and introspection, games that will give you the chance to take time with yourself to fully enjoy inner discoveries
  • you will take part in group exercises, in which you will get new perspectives from other participants.

Evolution & growth always come outside fo your comfort zone, experiencing new things.

If you have a partner we strongly recommend to come together for a better development. It’s very important to grow together, think creatively and find solutions together.

What you explore & learn if you participate in REframe?

  • get to know yourself through introspection exercises that facilitate the connection with your true self,  get in touch with your inner resources, becoming aware and have more confidence when it comes to personal creativity.
  • you dig deeper to track your limiting beliefs developed over time, observing and working gently to shake their roots in a safe context.
  • explore your imagination through a set of games that give you the opportunity to feel free again, to daydream, to feel again like a child, return to that state where everything was possible
  • you learn to look at the challenges (problems / goals) from other perspectives and to find multiple solutions, by using reframing techniques that break your thinking patterns, doubt your paradigms and help you see the facts differently
  • have some techniques that get you out of the ordinary, encourage your spontaneity in a relaxed environment
  • you meet new people who can inspire you and come up with cool solutions, ideas, people with whom you can maybe build long-term friendships. Likeminded people 🙂
  • you go back to your life with energy and inner joy  
  • the urge to be & do more because now you know that it is only up to you to manifest your creativity

Join the event, fill the form here to book your place

REframe has designed and facilitated workshops and online sessions for more than 250 participants from Romania, Uk. Spain, Georgia, Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal active in 21 different domains, aged 3 to 59.

We are thankful to all our participants: children, students, employees in companies, freelancers, managers and entrepreneurs of successful business.

REframe participants testimonials from other REframe editions:

Event useful info :

When: Saturday, August 22nd, 10:00-15:30 (with three short breaks)

Location: Sjak27

Adress: Mejlgade 27, 8000 Aarhus C

Places available: 10

Your investment: 500 DKK

Payment options available: PayPal, Mobile Pay, Bank Transfer

Event price for two persons (if you come with your partner): 850 DKK

The price includes 5h30 of creative time & tools, coffee breaks, vegetarian light fingerfood crafted with love by Women’s Art, printed forms with REframe games + other surprises that will be announced during the event.

If you are a student or you have limited budget in these times but you really want to participate I will give you a 50% discount. In exchange we will think together about how you can help REframe concept to become more visible in Aarhus city.

Event will be held in ENGLISH

REframe event is taking place in accordance to COVID 19 safety guidelines, therefore there will be a limited number of seats, recommended distance and sanitizing tools.


Event cover design by Teodora Cucu

Who is the trainer? 

Photography by Petre Vinatoru

Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrica (co-founder and creative mind @ REframe, certified trainer, theatrologist, certified art agent, passionate photographer)

Nature lover and constantly inspired by open minds, seeking to discover in his daily life behaviors and actions that prove people’s creative potential. Whenever he has the opportunity, he creates the context where people can express themselves freely, beyond conventions, limits or fears.

He lovingly organized and facilitated dozens of REframe workshops for hundreds of European participants (individuals and business teams from different industries).

He is living his mission every time he guides people find their own solutions, have ad-hoc revelations, discover the practical creativity that lies within.

Other projects he crafted with love: LEFT-HANDED & Creative international project and dVpImage.

In the last 14 years he had a personal & professional defining process thanks to participating in many European trainings, exchanges and events focused on topics such as: communication, synergy, creativity, mentoring, alternative education, leadership, entrepreneurship. All there experiences inspired him to create REframe.

He is constantly curious to read, learn or watch videos about creativity, creative processes, psychology, techniques, studies, experiments, labs. The more he is doing it the more passionate he becomes about it and inspired to create, grow, share with REframe audience.

Favorite phrase:
„Traveller there is no road. The road is made as one walks.”
(Antonio Machadon)

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