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When the summer ended, for us started a fruitful collaboration with the publishing house Rentrop & Straton, a company with a rich history, present for over 20 years on the Romanian market, a team that has always search to grow, to transform. This spirit was felt in the initiative of the management to experience REframe giving the employees the chance to find new perspectives and solutions by using their own creative thinking.

37 people from 10 departments, with diverse levels of publishing experience ranging from 3 weeks to 20 years. We decided to organize them into 4 groups to fully engage them in the REframe workshop. The managers’ option to select people from different teams to participate in the games was constructive, giving them the opportunity to communicate, to know each other from other perspectives, to share from their knowledge and experience they have and especially to exchange ideas. Besides the fact that they encouraged the workshops happening, the managers participated themselves, showing their active involvement in this process.

Over the course of 2 months we enjoyed meeting with different personalities, with different interests, people eager to experiment, to go beyond their comfort zone, to generate impact and willing to better connect with their colleagues. We had the joy to witness the beauty of different minds working together to a rich creative energy. The participants came up with valuable ideas for the publishing house, which implemented will bring real benefits for both the company and the employees.

The fact that the training location was different from the headquarters offices helped the whole process and disconnected the teams for a few hours helping them forgot what they already knew as a set up. It is said that in order to find solutions or ideas we need to detach ourselves from what we already know. The 4 worshops were hosted at Training Café, where we were warmly welcomed by Diana Ghindă, who gave us her full support and help.

The participants experienced with openness and enthusiasm the REframe games, wishing to develop their creativity, both to personal and group level.

If we were to travel through workshop we would start with the moment when the participants were discovering each other through the white sheets.

Then we go through the phase when the imagination is released.

We will gradually reach the point where they realize that the solutions are found within.

The journey continues with the moment when everyone guides their blind partner.

We would go on the map where people find themselves, on the land where everyone has super powers.

Then we will stop at that place where thoughts gather and desires are expressed aloud.

While “traveling”, we get to meet the authors.

Below we see how people learn to look at random elements differently than before, to play them finding new meanings.

Finally, we arrived where we see how each one meets a good old friend, his/her own creativity river.

For us, the REframe experience was valuable every time because we learned a lot from each of the groups and inspired each other. We are grateful for this!

We thank the management and the teams for having the courage to live the REframe process, thus allowing each person to bring to light their creative potential!

For us Rentrop & Straton are a good example of a company that wants to be creative and builds the system first.

Adriana, Product manager 

I liked the fact that I thought about beautiful things and returned a while to my childhood times.

Adina, Departament manager

Creativity and imagination have no limits, we just need to look for them, to explore them and I am sure that the result will be fantastic – I saw in today’s workshop. It was a day that we hardly got rid of in our daily routine, but a winning day: creativity, knowing better our colleagues, relaxation.

I liked the unique exercises, the room decorated very creatively, lots of color and good vibe, the positive energy, attention to detail, 2 very friendly trainers. Everything was perfect. Thanks for an extraordinary day!

Alexandra, Product manager

A playful, friendly workshop, a source of creativity, tranquility, optimism, attention to detail.

Alexandra, Departament manager

Today I discovered multiple ways you can improve communication, a free context, pleasant, nonjudgmental. With playful elements that lead to the recipe of creativity (solutions exist and are simple / easy to be reached).

It is a perfect way to get out of the routine, to offer something new to a team, to find simple solutions with full effects.

Ana-Maria, Marketing Manager

I liked the fact that I communicated more directly with colleagues that we did not interact with before and together we generated productive ideas.

Bogdan, Graphic designer

I liked the fact that everything is based on games.

Carmen, Product manager 

Confidence in one’s imagination and creativity, games to be applied with colleagues and friends. I liked that it was not predictable, stimulating exercises, friendly trainers. 6 constructive hours!

Carmen, Product manager 

We have discovered that we are all creative, we just have  to free our imagination.

Cătălina, Copywriter

I liked the amount of creativity. I liked the trainers.

David, Departament manager

I leave this workshop with the feeling that I can do anything only if I free my imagination. It is a workshop that helps you discover yourself and your potential. I liked the fact that your exercises stimulated our imagination and I saw my colleagues in a different light.

Diana, Product manager 

Interactive, dynamic, innovative, CREATIVE.

Flori, Customer support Department Manager 

I liked the games and the fact that I spent more time with my colleagues.

Irina, Product manager 

New creative approaches to personal and professional life.

Laura, Editor

I was left with the desire to try new ways of exercising my creativity.

Mara, Web editor

I understood that creativity potential is huge, we can help with our ideas if we apply them. Through these games you discover yourself, and by discovering yourself you can freely unleash your creativity, find out your strengths, weaknesses and team positioning. It is an exceptional source of discovering the self and the way we are, but also your relation to other people.

Mihai, Copywriter

Some very good techniques for stimulating creativity.

Nicoleta, Product manager

I liked that REframe challenged our imagination and creativity, that it opened the door to our insight – everything in a relaxing and enjoyable way. Light but not boring, with challenges but relaxing. A nice surprise.

Nicoleta, Project manager

Imagination and creativity are always with us but we must take time to discover them. I liked that it stimulated our creativity and imagination and we had time to play beautifuly and productive.

Nicoleta, Project manager

Mihaela, Project manager

I liked that I could take many creative exercises to apply at the office and that I remembered what I had to change / improve myself / bring back into my life. I left with a list of activities that I will integrate into both my professional and personal life, with more detachment at least at the moment and with the desire to improve things. A workshop that reminds me of the important things in life, whether it’s office or personal life.

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