REframe Journey with Hello Hotels

This May brought us a trip to one of the oldest cities of Romania, the former capital of Moldavia, where people are simple but not poor, where food is not extravagant but is created with love, where the hills are waiting for the curious traveler’s greetings and where the REframe mission was waiting to be continued.

After experiencing in March a wonderful workshop with Continental Forum Team in Sibiu, we received the proposal to organize a workshop for Hello Hotels team in Bucharest, which we immediately accepted.

After we set up our game kit, we were hiting the road with a small bus to reach the city that awaits for us to fullfill our mission again. We were so impatient. The road amplified our emotions.

After a few hours of traveling we arrived at Continental Hotel Suceava where the expected REframe event was going to take place.

We were welcomed with warmth and hospitality by the hotel team and we felt the amazing Nicu’s help who immediately took care of us co-creating with us the space for REframe workshop to happen.

Once we have prepared the creative ground, the participants have come, curious and impatience the workshop to start

Suddenly the place was filled with a bunch of nice, young spirits, with a lust for creative experiences wishing to grow.

Although they had also traveled the country long and wide, their positive energy blessed us and we began fire up their creativity.

The team’s ideas grew and turned into soapy colored balloons. Easily the impossible step in the possible …

The next day we woke up in the morning and headed for the location where we had set up the inspiring games for the team.

After we all got used to the space we challenged the participants, their collaboration spirit, trust and the balance. They had fun while learning.

In the next REframe session we have designed synergy and communication games that brought participants new perspectives.

Then we proposed a few techniques for the team members to have insight processes, working in pairs and guide each other allowing also individual discoveries.

After a bit of seriousness and depth, we animated the group with a energizer that put its blood in action, bringing some dinamics to the team by challenging them with some “emergency” situations.

We want to make it clear that everyone has survived during de game, facing the intense sun rays (over 30 Celsius grades).

We had some exercises that facilitated better knowledge, connection and open and authentic dialogue.

After lunch we put our imagination at work, and we found meanings in abstract things , widened a little our horizon.  We let our minds fly on the Suceava lands.

The next day ended with smiles, emotions, valuable group conclusions, discoveries, and with a gorgeous sunset seen from a wooden gazebo with a a rarely calmness.

The third day we had  a short trip to the Putna Monastery, where we all felt that we had received the second episode of the workshop, in the spiritual sense, orchestrated by the charisma and the wise words of the priest.

We are so grateful.

Thank you very much Hello Hotels! for the participation and trust!

Below you can find participants thoughts they shared with us.

We hope to meet your team again with joy and daring ideas!

“I represent the Hello Hotels team, we are 13 persons, we organized this team building in a wonderful, natural place with lake, greenery and we had some wonderful exercises that confirmed to me that we are really a wonderful team. It was magnificent to use the words of the trainers. I would recommend REframe first because it is a soul exercise in which emotion has earned its deserved place in the team. I’m sure we’re leaving this place much better.”

Mihaela Staicu, General Manager

I participated in this workshop as HR Coordinator and I can say it was exciting, interesting, interactive. I recommend it to other teams for team bonding, to better understand each other and to work at full capacity.

Diana Barbu, HR Coordinator

For me it was very interesting, it helped me to overcome my personal boundaries. Following this workshop, I believe I have overcome all the barriers I have had.

Mihaela Petcu, Maid

The experience was special due to the location and due to the exercises that fit our team.

I would recommend the workshop to establish a team equilibrium, which is very difficult to achieve, and to build and mobilize a team at the beginning of the road. Exercises are suitable for this type of situation. Thank you!

Sorin Enoiu, Chief receptionist

I had a very beautiful experience. I liked the team spirit, the unity and the fact that it proved to me once more that we trust each other with many things not just related to work, not just immediate problems but also long-term issues.

I think it would be beneficial for other teams to take part in this workshop because they will be much better welded.

Anca Strugariu, Sales Manager

A pleasant experience that I would recommend to other colleagues for giving you the opportunity to overcome and express feelings you can not manifest at any time.

Szabo Mihaela, Maid


It was a pleasant experience, it made me overcome my barriers because I’m very emotional.

Neagu Elena, Chief of Laundry

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