GoSun Chillest – forget about Ice, cool your food and drinks with the power of the Sun

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Today I present you a cool project I discovered recently that is super smart!

How to convert your “Enemy” into your Friend

GoSun Chillest is a project launched on Indiegogo, one of the most important international crowdfunding platforms with successful feedback from its supporters. The team collected 925.147$ from 1070 persons.

That’s possible, that’s impressive!

Photo: GoSun Chillest Indigogo Campaign

WHAT makes GoSun Chillest such a unique & creative project

  • COOLS WITHOUT ICE – it’s solar powered!
Photo: GoSun Chillest Indigogo Campaign
  • STAYS COOL 10 HOURS – it has a Built-In Battery Runtime
  • GOODBYE TO SOGGY SANDWICHES Keep your goods fresh and ready to enjoy
  • ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS – easy take it anywhere you need. no need to worry
  • INSIDE LIGHTING  – you can find exactly what you’re looking for at night or during a power outage
  • ORGANIZATION BASKETS – you can happily store and find what you need, when you need it.
  • BUILT-IN-COMPRESSOR – lets you set the temperature (from -20°C to 20°C -) while chilling in your hammock, tent or by the grill. The right
  • TEMP CONTROL – you can control the Chillest’s temperature settings right from your phone with the complementary App!
  • BACK-UP POWER – AC or DC power
  • DUAL COOLING ZONES – Freezer and fridge in the same device
  • SPACIOUS – Without ice there’s way more room
  • SOLAR TABLE – usable surface to play cards, serve food, or use it as a desk, all while powering your cooler!
  • 1/3 the energy of traditional portable fridges – ONLY 45 Watts of power – letting it keep your goods cool without using too much energy
  • CUTTING BOARD – inside the cooler lid. When you need to use it, it pops out and docks onto the top of the lid.
  • OPTIONAL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – kicks out amazing sound while connecting to your smartphone from up to 50 feet away
  • SLIDE-IN SUN UMBRELLA that attaches right to your Chillest or comes with a sand anchor so you can park it at the beach

“Rain or shine, GoSun gives you the ultimate portable fridge to enjoy the outdoors more.”

Watch GoSun Chillest Video Presentation:

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