3rd Episode with Continental Forum Sibiu team

Although in March we met for the second REframe workshop, it was not possible to let a year pass without seeing each other again. In October the Continental Forum Sibiu team gathered for another REframe workshop, which this time lasted for 3 days. It was a complex experience, full of challenges, enthusiasm, positive vibe and revelations.

With every meeting we feel that what we build together is getting stronger and powerfull. The atmosphere is dominated by the joy of spending time with each other and the confidence to be ourselves.

Undoubtedly, the meetings from Sambata de Sus location have a special ritual, where the food is prepared slowly on the fire set up in the backyard, consciously gathering people around, stimulating their engagement and open heart  to share.

The common effort and the solidarity spirit define Continental Sibiu team. It is fascinating to be witnessing such a phenomenon and especially to be there in the growth process. Because nothing is there before it was created, each member worked hard for how the team is defined today.

The value that members give to the team was notices especially in the games where they depended on each other, in exercises where it was important to understand, accept and put each other in the right light so everyone could shine being together. From an adventure game, a growth experience has been created that they will remember over the years.

Together and separately, in a non-characteristic silence, the senses of the participants were connected with nature, now viewed and heard could reveal its secrets.

The second day of the workshop began playful with chalk powder on hands and interconnected stories, being explored different ways of action.  From blinded drawings when human diversity was revealed to unleashed leaders with different styles of leadership and finnaly flying wishes being manifested and launched in the universe.

The third day can be decribed by moments of introspection, awareness, different points of view, quite different perspectives, and childhood play.

We are thankfull to Continental Forum Sibiu Team for trust, openness and commitment!

We are honored to be together on this road!

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