How people think creative thinking helps us?

Today, I thought it would be useful to highlight some conclusions of a REframe survey made in early 2014, when various people answered this question:

How do you consider creative thinking helps you?

Below I will briefly outline “a few” benefits that respondents have mentioned and deserve your attention:

Creative thinking:

  • helps us detach from our own problems
  • solves the problems that seem without escape
  • helps us approach an event, a situation from different perspectives
  • generates simple solutions to problems
  • helps us to innovate
  • changes our perception related to what’s around
  • can change mentalities and creates new thinking patterns
  • inspires us to be more positive in what we do
  • widens our horizons
  • gives us self-confidence
  • helps us see things differently, with an open mind
  • means originality and be yourself
  • helps us overcome our personal challenges
  • sharpen our inner self
  • helps us find unexpected solutions
  • provides us solutions that others think they no cannot exist
  • gives us strategies to adapt, adjust, and apply techniques to make life easier
  • helps us achieve our goals
  • helps us to see when we have “short circuit”
  • helps us to see where we have bottlenecks and to eliminate them
  • generates many solutions (some unexpected)
  • makes our life more beautiful
  • unlocks certain mental and behavioral patterns
  • helps us become more independent
  • channeling our thoughts to good actions
  • it is essential for the life quality
  • helps us to discover something that is passive inside ourselves
  • make us present, focused on what we do
  • is an indispensable tool in developing solutions for any problem
  • it is limitless and when we use it “we spread our wings”
  • helps us discover new skills and passions
  • determines us to focus on solving and solutions, having a constructive impact
  • updates us, brings us personal fulfillment
  • our spontaneity increases by using it
  • develops our sense of humor
  • change our attitude and mood
  • develops us personal  in the process of problem solving
  • make us stronger and more positive
  • teaches us how to associate ideas and elements within or out of a problem
  • free us
  • helps us to develop “kaleidoscope thinking” (thinking from multiple perspectives)
  • helps us to be open to people
  • inspires us to develop interesting projects
  • keeps our playful side of personality
  • shapes our individuality
  • develops our personality in an optimal, healthy and free way
  • helps us find new opportunities
  • stimulates us to find out more about ourselves
  • helps us to discover certain things, feelings or desires that we did not know we had
  • reveals beneficial ideas to us and those around us which would beautify our lives
  • It’s a personal fingerprint
  • It frees our imagination
  • offers us “out of the box” options
  • helps us to know our limits
  • keeps us active and young
  • helps us socialize with others around

How do you think creative thinking helps you?

If you want to discover and experience few (at least 6) of the above mentioned benefits I invite you to attend one of our events or experience a REframe online session
You will get energized, inspired and you will see things differently, find many ideas and solutions!
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