Creative Quarantine (CovInspired)

I want to celebrate REframe RElaunch, so I think would be nice to challenge & invite all the creative minds around the world to share with their friends what they are doing differently, how they creatively adapting while in quarantine

We may be physically captive but never mentally. Creativity goes beyond walls and doors. Beyond rules and policies.

I believe in human potential to create, find solutions, adapt, cooperate beautifully and most important to overcome any real or imaginary pandemic that’s why I am offering 15 Free REframe online sessions (with a 1200 euro total value)

The idea of ​​this campaign already existed long before the virus but now I think to REframe these times (we decide how we want to react to what it happens now in the world. It’s always our choice! Read more about the Campaign in the end of this page).

Ok, ready?


1. Like REframe Facebook page

2. Photograph (maximum 5 shoots at a medium level image quality) OR Video record (maximum 1min30s) explaining briefly how You Creatively solved a home challenge while in Quarantine (or self isolation to be clear and not interpreted in a negative way the word – see Wiki Quarantine)

Pay attention, your Challenge can be ANYTHING you feel is important for you and you consider that can be inspiring and useful for others in terms of solutions you find.

3. Post your visual content on your Facebook wall mentioning shortly: Creative Quarantine – challenged by REframe (and tag our Facebook page)

4. Encourage people in your network to do the same so we can rise up the collective creative thinking at high levels around the world!

5. Enjoy life and what your creative friends are posting!


Wait until April 21st when I will publicly announce the most inspired and sharable posts, winning the REframe Individual online sessions.

Don’t forget to tag REframe ;) otherwise we cannot count the shares you got on your post.

When you will have the REframe experience online session?

The 15 online sessions will be offered along April – June 2020, totally randomly scheduled.

Note: This Campaign may sounds like a competition or an irony. Far from both.

REframe doesn’t believe in competition but in cooperation that brings people together to create value.

We just need to measure somehow in order to give the prizes 🙂

This Campaign is about:

Confidence to express ourselves and share with others our creative thinking which is already happening in our everyday life. I just want You to become aware of it and express it loud and inspire others 🙂

Enpowering people to trust their infinite resource(creativity) and have the strength to adapt to this challenging times we have to overcome

Last thought:

Share your Creative Solutions with the world and get inspired by all human potential!

& Stay sanely creative!

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